Vegan/Vegetarian Dining

Vegan iconUniversity Dining is committed to helping vegans and vegetarians meet the their nutritional needs while eating on campus. You can:

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Eating Vegan/Vegetarian in our Dining Halls

We offer several vegetarian options on our menu. If there is no menu item to your liking, load up a salad or sandwich with hummus and veggies for a healthy and satisfying meal! Try our freshly ground peanut butter and add a banana or apple for a healthy sandwich. Check out our whole-wheat grilled cheese offered every day. We always offer a vegetarian burger or veggie nugget, too! If you are vegan, we have options for you, too. We have menu items labeled with our “Vegan” caption on our website. We offer vegan items ranging from Mushroom Stroganoff to Five Bean Bake. We occasionally offer a Vegan soup choice, just check the menu!


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