D.H. Hill Library

The Creamery

D.H. Hill CreameryTake a left at the top of the steps, and you’ll find us down in the Erdahl-Cloyd wing of the library, where we’re serving creations made with NC State’s own ice cream or we can whip up a sundae or milkshake!

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Hill of Beans

Hill of Beans logoRelief from those long study hours is just steps away! Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee at Hill of Beans located in D.H. Hill Library. Hill of Beans features Café Fear Roasters’ Coffee which selects only the finest single origin coffees from around the world.

The Hill of Beans now features new coffee drinks as well as fresh baked cookies and muffins. Come visit us soon!


Coffees of the Day

  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Dark Mocha
  • White Mocha
  • Hot Chocolate (dark or white)
  • Espresso

Specialty Drinks:

  • The Bookstack (Espresso, choice of white or dark chocolate, caramel syrup, steamed milk, and whipped cream)
  • The Wolfpack (Espresso, choice of white or dark chocolate, Irish cream syrup, steamed milk, and whipped cream)
  • The Digital Buzz (Espresso, choice of white or dark chocolate, hazelnut syrup, steamed milk, and whipped cream)
  • The Literary Latte (Espresso, choice of white or dark chocolate, peppermint syrup, steamed milk, and whipped cream)

Iced Coffee Drinks:

  • Iced Coffee
  • Iced Latte
  • Iced Mocha (dark or white)

Cold Drinks:

  • Italian Sodas
  • Passion Orange Fruit Drink
  • Bottled Sodas (16oz)
  • Apple and Orange Juice
  • Bottled Water

Hot Drinks:

  • Hot Tea (6 choices)
  • Steamer (flavored steamed milk)

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Wolf Approved logoTo make your coffee drink healthier: You can get your drink made with skim milk or use sugar-free syrups that are available that don’t add as many calories. “Holding the whip,” saves you between 70 and 130 calories and eight to 12 grams of fat. You can also reduce the pumps of syrup and save 20 calories per pump.

Try a skim milk Latte next time with Splenda or Equal and save yourself about 90 calories. Better yet, opt for black coffee which has no calories at all!

Creamery : 919.513.3502

Hill of Beans Coffee : 919.513.4664

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