Fountain Dining Hall

Conveniently located on West Campus and surrounded by residence halls, Fountain Dining Hall is an all-you-can-eat extravaganza that is sure to have something for everyone. Nineteen meals per week are served at Fountain – from breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week to brunch and dinner on the weekends.

Fountain Favorites

Our traditional hot line featuring your favorite entrees, vegetables, and side dishes. Load up on such standards as Fried Chicken, Carolina-style Bar-B-Que, and Lasagna.

Fountain Specialties

Here you will find a rotating specialty bar including Taco Bars, Potato Bars, Wing Bars, Fajita Bars, Pasta Bars, and more.

Short-Order Grill

Students and hamburgers have gone hand-in-hand for decades, so you’ll love our short-order grill at Fountain. Burgers and other hot sandwiches grilled any way you’d like.

Deli Bar

Want a sandwich? Our deli bar has fresh breads, meats, protein salads, cheeses, and all the toppings that are sure to please. When you want something besides a full-course meal, a sandwich will hit the spot.

Healthy Options

There are many students on campus who choose a vegetarian or vegan diet. Our healthy options corner serves up delicious pastas and vegetable dishes designed especially for vegetarians, with vegan entrees and heart healthy choices as well. The menu changes daily to offer variety and a well-balanced diet. These items are also marked as such on our online menu.

Pizza Station

Fountain offers several pizza selections every day for lunch and dinner. The pizza station offers everything from plain cheese, to veggie pizzas, to the old standby – pepperoni.


Fountain Dining Hall is open to all University students, faculty, staff and visitors using meal plans, campus card accounts, and cash for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Fountain Dining Hall at North Carolina State University

Phone: 919.515.3963

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