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Ask the Dietitian: Lactose Intolerance | Oct.28, 2014


Are you lactose intolerant? Watch this segment with NC State’s Dietitian, Lisa Eberhart, to discover what items you can eat on campus! Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State – Food Allergy Support Group Dinner at Irregardless | Oct.24, 2014


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Ask the Dietitian: Vegan | Oct.21, 2014


Learn what the difference between being vegan and being vegetarian is with NC State’s dietitian, Lisa Eberhart!
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Ask the Dietitian: Nutrition Planning | Oct.16, 2014


Eating a well-balanced diet on campus is easier than you think. Learn how you can use tools and resources offered by University Dining paired with exercise and good habits to feel your best and make the grade. Our dietitian Lisa Eberhart explains. Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State – A Taste of Spain Menu Preview | Oct.13, 2014


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Ask The Dietitian: The Benefits of Spinach | Oct.06, 2014


This week, our dietitian addresses the health benefits of incorporating more greens into your diet! Read More »

Food Allergy Support Group Meeting & Baking Demo | Oct.06, 2014

140920_Allergy Friendly_Icon

Hello Wolfpack! Hope you are all doing well as we’re transitioning into fall. For those of you who came out to the Food Allergy Support Group meeting on the 23rd thanks! We had a great time listening to John-Paul Register, the team leader at the Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakehouse in Morrisville, speak about creating gluten-friendly treats for everyone to enjoy. Plus, it didn’t hurt that we got to indulge in a few samples. Read More »

Ask the Dietitian: Allergens | Sep.25, 2014


NC State’s Lisa Eberhart explains how to identify allergens in food at NC State through our website and iPads. Read More »

Ask the Dietitian: White vs Wheat | Sep.25, 2014


Is whole wheat bread better than white bread? Our dietitian weighs in! Read More »

Ask the Dietitian: Breakfast | Sep.25, 2014


Wondering how important breakfast is to college success? Check out our Ask the Dietitian video! Read More »