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Allergy Friendly at NC State – All Carolina’s Meal Review

| Sep.08, 2014, by

Ok, so I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news: my phone decided to temporarily stop working at the All Carolinas dinner and I was unable to get a picture of my allergy friendly plate (it was a good lookin’ one, too). The good news: the dinner was FANTASTIC. I think this has been one of the best, most allergy-friendly special dining events that I’ve reviewed so far. Sometimes, there are not a lot of allergy-friendly options at University Dining’s special events, especially for people with multiple food allergies. This event, however, showcased many different options at each location so I, even having several food allergies, was still able to fill up on a variety of delicious local foods. I went to Clark for dinner, but I’m sure the party over at Fountain was super fun! Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State – All Carolinas Meal Menu Preview

| Sep.01, 2014, by

Hey everyone! It’s almost time for one of University Dining’s most popular meals of the year: the All Carolinas Meal, featuring delicious Southern dishes made from Carolina-grown ingredients. Mmm! Here is a run-down of the menu items at each of the 3 dining halls, and the allergens that those items contain. The allergens are in bold. Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State – NC State Food Allergy Support Group Meeting

| Aug.25, 2014, by

Welcome back, Pack! Read More »

Adventures on an Allergy-Friendly Campus

| Jul.17, 2014, by

NC State University Dining strives to bring as many options as possible to all of our eaters, regardless of their food restrictions or preferences. We guarantee a gluten-free soup every day at Fountain and Clark Dining Halls, serve several Vegan entrees and sides daily, provide a worry-free station at every dining hall, and make an effort to feed our students well. Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State – Farm Feast Review

| Apr.15, 2014, by

How did you all enjoy last night’s Farm Feast?? I, for one, thought it was great! It was sad that we couldn’t celebrate outside, but even the cloudy weather wasn’t enough to dampen the festive spirit inside of Fountain. There were not many options that Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State – Farm Feast Menu Preview

| Apr.11, 2014, by

I have absolutely loved this warm, sunny weather! The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and University Dining chefs are cooking locally sourced, fresh and delicious dishes for the annual Farm Feast on Monday, April 14th the dining halls! This event was a blast last year, and I’m sure it will be again. Take a look at the menu and see what allergy friendly options are available for you to enjoy: Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State – Celiac/Gluten-Intolerant Support Group

| Mar.21, 2014, by

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous weather we’ve been having. Spring is a time for new beginnings, and as such, I have something very exciting to share with you all. Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State: Mardi Gras Review

| Mar.06, 2014, by

So, how did Fat Tuesday treat you all? If you ate at Fountain or Clark, I’m betting pretty well! Since the Mardi Gras festivities were going on all day long, I decided to switch things up and try out the lunch options. As I said in my last post, many of the special, Cajun-style menu items contained one or more allergens, but I was still able to have a great allergy-friendly meal. Read More »

Taste the Difference Review

| Mar.05, 2014, by

Last week’s Taste the Difference program was yet another reason for students and faculty to show Wolfpack pride as they sampled food options on campus that are made fresh and in-house. The nutrition team jumped to different dining locations each day of the week-long initiative to give away the free taste tests. With a couple samples each day, visitors at on-campus eateries could discover a few new, wholesome items to order in the future. Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State: Mardi Gras Menu Preview

| Mar.03, 2014, by

It’s almost Black Tuesday, and you know what that means? We are getting ready for the full day of Mardi Gras festivities that University Dining holds at the dining halls each year! This has always been one of my favorites (do I say that every time? – oh well!) because Cajun food is delicious! The party starts when the dining halls open at 7:30 AM and lasts all the way until closing time. Awesome! Read More »