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Early Bird Thanksgiving Dinner Review | Nov.16, 2015


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Early Bird “Gobble the Goodness” Thanksgiving Dinner Allergens | Nov.11, 2015

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Allergy Friendly: Taste of Latin America | Oct.16, 2015


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A Taste of Latin America Preview | Oct.12, 2015

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Bye-bye baked potato! Hello, sweet potato. | Sep.30, 2015


Has it ever crossed your mind to try the amber colored potato instead of your normal baked potato? Have you ever wondered what your options are if you don’t want plain old fries? Well, I have an answer for you!  Sweet potatoes! Read More »

MyRoots: Locally Grown Vegetables & The NCSU Agroecology Education Farm | Sep.28, 2015


Ever wonder where your food comes from? Well it’s awesome to know that a lot of the foods we eat are grown right here in our great home state of North Carolina, who’s number one industry is Agriculture! Read More »

Starbucks Allergy Review | Sep.21, 2015

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starbucks_corporation_logo_2011During Talley’s Grand Opening I visited one of the student union’s newest additions, a full-service Starbucks.  I went to order with the hopes of having their popular seasonal drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  The  latte is composed of a pumpkin sauce, espresso, steamed milk (soy, coconut, or cow), whipped cream (which I omit because of my dairy intolerance), and a pumpkin spice topping.  To make sure I could have the latte without any worries, I asked the barista if the pumpkin sauce had any butter or milk in it. I found to my surprise, the pumpkin sauce did in fact contain milk.  So if you are vegan or dairy free, steer clear of the Pumpkin Spice Latte (I know, it’s really sad). Read More »

All Carolinas Meal Review | Sep.04, 2015


140920_Allergy-Friendly_IconHello Wolfpack! I hope everyone enjoyed the All Carolinas Meal as much as I did!  Everything about the meal was amazing.  All of the food was labeled with allergens, there was live music, and there was barbecue, which if you know me, you know that barbecue is one of my favorite meals.  For the meal, I sat and enjoyed my time with friends and listened to the band play. In this stressful time, just taking a moment to enjoy your friends and not have to worry about school for a few moments is priceless. University Dining did an excellent job in organizing the event and I look forward to it every year. Read More »

All Carolinas Meal: Allergen and Event Info | Aug.31, 2015


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My Roots Local Fruit and Dip Day | Aug.24, 2015


Slice of WatermelonMy Roots Wednesday: Local Watermelon
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