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All Carolinas Meal: Allergen and Event Info | Aug.31, 2015


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My Roots Local Fruit and Dip Day | Aug.24, 2015


Slice of WatermelonMy Roots Wednesday: Local Watermelon
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#mydietitiansdish | Apr.16, 2015

Dietitian's dish

Even though National Nutrition Month has come to an end that doesn’t mean that your healthy eating must also. I hope that National Nutrition Month got your creative juices flowing when it comes to eating healthfully on campus as a vegetarian. With a little creativity the vegan and vegetarian options are endless. As promised, I got in on the action and created my very own #dietitiansdish. And since it was #mydietitiansdish I had to pick my favorite dining hall go to meal. Having a few fallback meals is important as a hungry college student who wants to make healthy choices. Read More »

National Nutrition Month and #mydietitiansdish | Mar.19, 2015

Dietitian's dish

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? That’s right, a whole month out of the year dedicated to healthy eats! Read More »

UPDATED: Allergy Friendly at NC State – FASG Dinner at Mitch’s | Feb.27, 2015


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Allergy Friendly at NC State Food Allergy Support Group Meeting | Feb.05, 2015


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Hummus- A Vegetarian’s Best Friend | Feb.04, 2015

Eating hummusLets talk hummus! That’s right… your favorite go to, and as a vegetarian your best friend when it comes to food. Hummus is a great source of protein and healthy fats, and most importantly it tastes great! Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State – A Taste of Brazil Review | Jan.23, 2015


I hope you all had the opportunity to try University Dining’s “A Taste of Brazil” this week because it was AWESOME. The decorations transformed Clark Dining Hall into a rainforest of deliciousness. The whole room was filled with vibrant colors and warm feelings, and the food definitely added to that experience. I don’t think I have ever seen so much fruit at the dining halls before, and there were so many different types. I tried the pink one with yellow and green inside (it totally reminded me of something in a sci-fi movie) and it was pretty good – I feel like I’ve tasted that same flavor before but I couldn’t figure out where. Read More »

Allergy Friendly at NC State – We Want Your Thoughts! | Jan.22, 2015


Hello again, Wolfpack. I hope you all are enjoying the fantastic weather we’ve been having! Our next Food Allergy Support Group meeting is next Tuesday, January 27 at 4:30 in room 2301 of the Student Health Center…just like always! If you were at the previous meeting, you had the opportunity to hear University Dining dietitian Lisa Eberhart talk about her job and how NC State is trying to improve options for students with food allergies. As a follow-up to that meeting, she has arranged for a videographer to attend our next meeting and film us talking about our experiences. These clips will be combined into a video to help train dining employees on the seriousness of allergy-friendly protocol. Read More »

Dietitian’s Dish – Eat Like a Dietitian | Jan.21, 2015

Dietitian's dishYou go to the dining hall with every intention to be healthy, right?  You swipe your card, get your plate and silverware, take a lap around the serving room to peruse your options, and make a mental note that you need to end up at the salad station.  As you’re scanning the menu boards for healthy options the aroma of a fresh batch of French fries catches your nose, you see a perfectly golden grilled cheese coming hot of the grill, wait… is that ham in that grilled cheese?!   And just like that, the space you saved on your plate for leafy green goodness is nonexistent.  In fact, the only vegetable on your plate is ketchup! Read More »

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