Fall Semester Fresh Start

Make a Fresh Start with our Fall Nutrition Program

Physical Wellness, Week 1: September 9 - 13 Intellectual Wellness, Week 2: September 16 - 20 Emotional Wellness, Week 3: September 23 - 27 Social Wellness, Week 4: September 30 - October 4 Spiritual Wellness, Week 5: October 7 - 11 Occupational Wellness, Week 6: October 14 - 18 Environmental Wellness, Week 7: October 21 - 25

Week 1: (September 9-13)

Week one of Fresh Start Mondays places focus on the first pillar of wellness: Physical. Physical wellness involves developing healthy habits that will add years to your life and enhance the quality of those years.

Tips for physical wellness:

-Exercise daily

-Stay hydrated

-Eat a colorful variety of fruit and vegetables

-Control meal portions

-Stay away from smoking

Week 2: (September 16-20)

Week two of Fresh Start Mondays places focus on the second pillar of wellness: Intellectual. Intellectual wellness encourages opening up to new ideas and mastering new skills.

Tips for intellectual wellness:

-Educate yourself and read food labels. This can help you pay attention to serving sizes.

-Check menus online at ncsudining.com or at iPad kiosks on campus.

-Use MyFitnessPal to track what you eat. Log your meal from the dining hall by typing “NC State” before the menu item, or use it to plan your meal ahead of time.

Week 3: (September 23-27)

Week three of Fresh Start Mondays places focus on the third pillar of wellness: Emotional. Emotional wellness encompasses optimism, self-esteem, self-acceptance and the ability to manage stress.

Tips for emotional wellness:

-Relax before going to sleep; turn off phones and tablets!

-Feed your soul by using the principles of meditation when eating. Focus on what you are consuming and how it nourishes your body.

-Reflect on each day by writing in a journal.

Week 4: (September 30-Oct. 4)

Week four of Fresh Start Mondays places focus on the fourth pillar of wellness: Social. Social wellness involves creating a positive support system of friends and family. Try being social while also promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Tips for social wellness:

-Find a workout buddy.

-Encourage friends to make healthy eating decisions.

Week 5: (October 7-11)

Week five of Fresh Start Mondays places focus on the fifth pillar of wellness: Spiritual. Spiritual wellness involves adopting a sense of meaning and purpose to life.

Tips for spiritual wellness:

-Take time to meditate. This can increase mindfulness and relaxation.

-Try yoga at the gym. Carmichael Gym offers 19 yoga classes each week!

Week 6: (October 14-18)

Week six of Fresh Start Mondays places focus on the sixth pillar of wellness: Occupational. Maintain a healthy lifestyle in the workplace this week and for weeks to come.

Tips for occupational wellness:

-Bring a healthy snack, like a granola bar, fruit or trail mix to work.

-Take a walk around the office or outside for a quick, mid-day break.

-Visit the Career Development Center on campus.

Week 7: (October 21-25)

The final week of Fresh Start Mondays places focus on the seventh pillar of wellness: Environmental. Environmental wellness involves being aware of our daily habits and their effects on the environment.

Tips for environmental wellness:

-Join the clean plate club.

-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

-Buy local. Visit the Raleigh Farmer’s Market and local market on the brickyard each week.

-Eat at a dining hall, which features local products through the My Roots are at NC State initiative


C-Store Nutrition 101

Employment at C-StoresUniversity Dining invites you to take a tour of the C-Store and discover healthier options for snacks and meals. Tours are free and will be offered at the Bragaw C-Store. NC State students and employees are welcome to attend. Sign Up: If you would like to tour the C-Store please send your request to Lisa Eberhart at ljeberha@ncsu.edu. Please provide your name and affiliation with NC State University.