Health+Wellness Overview

A healthy lifestyle is important to doing your best at college. We take great care to ensure you have many healthy options (as well as the occasional treat) to help you on your way.

We’ve provided a wealth of information here to help you meet your nutritional goals. Among other things, you can:

Wolf Approved

Wolf Approved logoIf you’re looking to make smart food choices, we make it easy to spot healthy snacks in our vending machines and C-Stores. Look for the Wolf-Approved Paw Print, and you can be assured that it’s a healthier choice that is low in fat, low in sugar and has zero trans fats.

  • Wolf Approved Criteria:

    • No chips, candy or beverages included. To be Wolf Approved, items  in the C-Store or vending machine must meet the following criteria:
    • < 9g of added sugar per serving
    • < 240 calories for a snack or 600 calories for an entree
    • < 30% calories from fat
    •    No Trans Fat


    • < 3 ingredients

Nutrition Notes

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Nutrition & Weight Loss Links

Calorie Information and Counters


Information on Eating Disorders

Information for Eating Out