Meal Plan Options

We offer a Freedom Pass, Meals-per-Week, Meals-per-Semester, Athletic and Commuter/Apartment plans. All plans except for the Commuter/Apartment have a Meals Component that can be used in three ways:

  • For dining hall meals (one swipe=all you can eat)
  • For meals at retail dining locations (restaurants, cafes, etc.)  through our meal credit program
  • For dining hall take out, via the meal credit program

Your Meals Component is supplemented by Dining Dollars. Choose from 100, 200 or 300 per semester*. These dollars roll over from year to year and can be refunded when you graduate or withdraw from the university.

Plans are billed through the cashier’s office each semester.  While Dining Dollars roll over, meals do not.  Keep this in mind as you select your plan, and monitor your usage through the semester to ensure you have the right plan for you.  Make changes for the fall semester by September 30 and Spring semester by January 31.

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Summer I and II Semesters

12 Meals Per Week + 50 Dining Dollars $485/semester
40 Meals Per Semester + 50 Dining Dollars $370/semester
Commuter/Apartment 250 Dining Dollars Only $250/semester

 Fall/Spring Semesters

Freedom Pass (unlimited access** to the dining halls plus 10 meal credits per week) $1,680/semester
10 Meals Per Week $1,210/semester
12 Meals Per Week $1,375/semester
14 Meals Per Week $1,550/semester
120 Meals Per Semester $995/semester
150 Meals Per Semester $1,225/semester
180 Meals Per Semester $1,460/semester
Commuter/Apartment Plan (Wolf Ridge/Village, Greek Housing and off campus only) $750/semester
Athletic – 19 Meals Per Week $1,690/semester
Athletic – 135 Meals Per Semester $1,175/semester
Athletic – 170 Meals Per Semester $1,405/semester

Meal plans and campus food transactions are subject to N.C. Sales Tax as a direct result of legislature enacted as of January 1, 2014.  Sales tax for Meal Plans will appear on your cashiers office bill.  For the meal plans that now have tax added via the Cashier’s Office, you will not be charged tax when you make food purchases using your meal plan. To learn more regarding the sales tax legislation, click here.

* Dining Dollars are optional for the Commuter/Apartment and Athletic plans.

** Students may access the dining hall every 30 minutes during open hours of operation.

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