Meal Plan Options

University Dining has a variety of meal-plan options to suit your needs and budget.  Meal plans can be used in on-campus dining locations: dining halls, restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, vending machines, etc.

Meal plans consist of two aspects: the set number of “meals per week” or “meals per semester” you select and your Dining Dollars allotment.  When registering for your meal plan, you will select both a meal plan option and an amount of Dining Dollars you would like added to your account.  Dining Dollars are “extra food money”.

Students may choose from our Freedom Pass, Meals-per-Week, Meals-per-Semester or our new Commuter/Apartment Plan. Each plan, with the exception of the Commuter/Apartment plan, requires a minimum of $100 Dining Dollars.

How it works: Each time you eat in a dining hall, one “meal” is deducted from your “meals per week” or “meals per semester” allotment.  Each time you eat in an on-campus restaurant or cafe, your meal plan works via the  equivalency program.  The equivalency program gives you $5.25 to spend for breakfast and $7 to spend for brunch/lunch/dinner/late night meal periods.  You choose where you eat!  For example, if you sign up for 10 meals per week, you can eat all ten of them in restaurants by using the equivalency program, you can eat all ten in the dining halls or you can mix it up!  When using the equivalency program, if you should exceed the allotment, your overage will automatically be deducted from your Dining Dollars balance.  Dining dollars can also be used to make purchases in our C-Stores or vending machines, to treat a parent, sibling of friend to a meal when they visit or to purchase another meal if you’ve used all of your set number of “meals per week” or “meals per semester”.  

Unlike the meals per week or meals per semester component, Dining Dollars roll over from semester to semester and year to year.  If you should have a balance remaining when you graduate, we’ll refund the unused amount!  

Commuting to campus? The Commuter/Apartment Plan is ideal for students living off-campus or Wolf Village or Wolf Ridge campus housing. This plan features dining-only funds (i.e. no set number of meals per week or meals per semester).  There’s nothing to lose: your Dining Dollars roll over each year and the balance will be returned to you when you graduate or withdraw from the university.  This plan is only available to students living off-campus or in Wolf Ridge or Wolf Village.

2014-2015 Meal Plan Options

Effective Jan 1, 2014 Meal Plans and campus food transactions will be subject to N.C. Sales Tax as a direct result of legislature enacted this summer.  Sales tax for Meal Plans will now appear on your cashiers office bill as a new item.  For the Meal Plans that now have tax added via the Cashier’s Office, you will not be charged tax when you make food purchases using your Meal Plan.  To learn more regarding the sales tax legislation, click here.

Summer I and II Semesters

12 Meals Per Week + $50 Dining Dollars $485/semester
40 Meals Per Semester + $50 Dining Dollars $370/semester
Commuter/Apartment 250 Dining Dollars Only $250/semester

 Fall/Spring Semesters

Freedom Pass $1,680/semester
10 Meals Per Week $1,210/semester
12 Meals Per Week $1,375/semester
14 Meals Per Week $1,550/semester
120 Meal Per Semester $995/ semester
150 Meals Per Semester $1,225/ semester
180 Meal Per Semester $1,460/semester
Commuter/Apartment Plan ($750 Dining Dollars per semester) $750/semester
Athletic – 19 Meals Per Week $1,690/semester
Athletic – 135 Meals Per Semester $1,175/semester
Athletic – 170 Meals Per Semester $1,405/semester

Meals per Week … Meals per Semester … What’s the Difference ?

If you choose a meals-per-week plan, this means you can use your meals during any of the 26 meal periods offered per week.

For example, if you get a 14-meal-per-week plan, you can use your plan to eat a meal at either our dining halls or our restaurants during 14 of the 26 meal periods.

Step up to the Freedom Pass plan, and you can enter the dining halls as often as every 30 minutes to grab a meal or snack, plus take advantage of 10 meal equivalencies per week for  restaurants, cafes and dining hall take out. It’s the perfect plan if you live near one of our dining halls.

If you choose a meals-per-semester plan, you can decide each how many meals per week you will eat. For example, you can use 13 meals one week and 18 the next. It’s totally up to you.

To calculate the cost per meal for each plan, use 17 weeks as your divider.

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