How Do I Choose?

We offer a variety of plans so you can create a program that works for your unique needs. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How often am I going to eat breakfast?
  • How often will I want a specialty coffee, ice cream or smoothie?
  • How close will I live to a dining hall?
  • How often will I go home on the weekends or be off campus?
  • How often will I need a snack versus a full meal?
  • How often will I use convenience stores or vending machines?

Next, trace your class schedule on the enclosed map to see where your travels might take you at different times of day. Consider where you might eat on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays and Tuesdays/Thursdays. Don’t forget weekends.

Add up the number of dining hall visits versus restaurant visits. If you can grab most meals at a dining hall but want the flexibility to eat at the restaurants too, consider the Freedom Pass plan. It’s a great plan for hearty eaters as well as those who like to graze a little all day long.

If you’ll be on campus a lot but don’t live near a dining hall, consider a 14 meals-per-week plan and utilize the equivalency program and Dining Dollars.

If you plan to be off campus frequently or want to have some latitude in where and when you eat, consider a 10 meals-per-week plan or a120 meals-per-semester plan. These plans are also good for light eaters who may want to use their meals in the dining halls and use Dining Dollars to go à la carte at the restaurants.

If you’re a commuter or live in Wolf Village or Wolf Ridge and don’t think you’ll utilize more than 10 meals per week, consider our commuter/apartment plan. You get $750 Dining Dollars. You’l get up to 10 percent in tax-free and discount purchasing!

Whatever plan you choose, don’t worry: You can change it up until September 30 by going here. Be sure to review your plan again for the spring semester and make any changes before January 30, 2014.

Make Your Choice Today!

If you have a good idea of what plan suits you, register online between now and September 30th (Summer I, Summer II and Fall/Spring Meal Plans) and November 1 – January 31 (Spring Meal Plans Only). Additionally, you can modify your plan by those deadlines as often as you like by overriding your previous selection.

For example, if you get the 12 meals-per-week plan and $200 Dining Dollars but decide you just need $100 Dining Dollars, just change your plan to 12 meals-per-week and $100 Dining Dollars. If, after the deadline passes, you decide you need more Dining Dollars, click here to add more to your account.

Just be sure to register at least a few days before you plan to arrive on campus to ensure your meal plan is active. Once you’ve made your selection, the charges will be sent to the cashier’s office along with any credits or charges related to meal-plan changes.

More questions?

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