Equivalency enables you to apply one of your “meals” toward a purchase at one of our quick-service restaurants or get a dining hall take-out meal. In 2013/2014 you will receive $5.25  during the breakfast period and $7.00 during the lunch/brunch, dinner, and late night periods when visiting a restaurant or cafe. If you stay under the rate, you won’t owe anything more. If you choose to spend more, you can make up the difference with Dining Dollars or some other form of accepted payment.

Only one equivalency can be used per meal period. There is a limit of two bottled beverages per transaction at equivalency locations.

We offer 26 meal periods. Only one equivalency can be used per meal period on all plans. The Freedom Pass is limited to 10 equivalencies per week.

2013-2014 Equivalency values:

Breakfast: $5.25
Lunch / Brunch: $7.00
Dinner: $7.00
Late Night: $7.00

Meal plan equivalency purchases are tax exempt, saving you 7.75%

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