Meal Plans

University Dining has a variety of meal-plan options to suit your needs and budget. All plans except for the Commuter Plan have a Meals Component that can be used in three ways:

  • For dining hall meals (one swipe=all you can eat)
  • Toward meals at casual dining locations through our meal exchange program
  • For dining hall take out, also through our meal exchange program

Your Meals Component is augmented by Dining Dollars. Choose from 100, 200 or 300 per semester, and use them to make purchases in our convenience stores or vending machines, make up the difference if you go over the exchange rate at a casual dining location, buy snacks and drinks; treat a parent, sibling or friend to a meal when they come to visit; or buy meals if you’ve run out of meal-plan meals.

Dining Dollars are optional for the Commuter and Athletic Meal Plans. You will be enrolled in the same Dining Dollars selection for the spring semester unless we are notified otherwise. Dining Dollars roll over from year to year and are only refundable upon withdrawal or graduation from the university.

The Commuter Plan is a Dining Dollars-only plan that offers a five percent discount at the register. Students living in Wolf Village, Wolf Ridge or off campus are eligible.

Who’s required to have a meal plan?

All first-entry (ie. first time entering college) students in University Housing are required to be on a meal plan during their first two semesters, regardless of academic standing. Once you’ve signed up for a plan, you will automatically be enrolled in the same plan for the spring semester unless you complete our online form or visit us in person at the Wolfpack One Card office in the West Dunn Building between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.

Can I buy Dining Dollars only?

Dining Dollars are a part of the meal plan and cannot be purchased separately unless you are eligible for the Commuter Plan. Consider using the AllCampus debit account instead. Click here to learn more.

How is my dining plan billed?

We process meal plan applications weekly and send them to the cashier’s office. It may take up to two weeks before the charges register with the cashier. That said, as long as we have your request, we can make your plan active within 48 hours of receiving the request, regardless of whether or not it has been billed and paid for.

When is it active?

Meal plans become active the first day University Housing is open to accept students. Please plan to have your meal plan request in our system at least 48 hours prior to arriving on campus.

If I have a plan and run out of Dining Dollars, can I get more?

Yes. Prior to the change deadline (Sept 30 for fall and Jan 31 for spring) click here and override your existing plan with a higher number of Dining Dollars. For example, if you chose 100 and you now want 200, select 200 and an additional 100 will be billed to your account with the cashier’s office.

If you want to add more after the change deadline, click here. It will take you to our site where you can not only add more Dining Dollars, but also monitor your meal plan activity and manage your AllCampus account.

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