Management Staff





Randy Lait Senior Director, Hospitality Services 919.515.6347
Shawn Hoch Associate Director, University Dining 919.513.7854
Kitty Lewis Director, Retail Operations 919.515.2022
Scott Harmon Director, Retail/Concessions Operations 919.513.7143
Keith Smith Director, Board Operations/Sustainability 919.513.2343
Lisa Eberhart Registered Dietitian 919.513.5310
James Raynor Purchasing Manager 919.515.5545
Bill Brizzolara Executive Chef 919.515.9690
Dorothy McLeod Director, Human Resources 919.515.6353
Mary Harrell Human Resources Specialist 919.515.6351
Adrienne Ellis Payroll Specialist 919.515.6352
Kevin Howen Business Manager 919.513.7614
Lindsay Hester Marketing & Communications 919.513.0543
David Irvine Administrative Assistant 919.513.4370
Atrium Food Court
Todd Pate General Manager 919.515.7910
Barry Tracey Assistant General Manager 919.515.2263
Tammy Bullock Assistant General Manager 919.515.2263
Case Dining Hall
Bob Sorochak Manager 919.515.2100
Clark Dining Hall
Scott Curtner Manager 919.513.4680
Common Grounds Café & Creamery
 Denise Shorsher Supervisor 919.515.3173
Jimmy Helfert Manager 919.868.8160
Convenience Stores
Denise Fields Manager 919.515.6356
Bragaw 919.515.3095
‘D’ Cafe 919.513.1516
Talley Market 919.513.2757
Honors Commons 919.515.2124
 Shuttle Inn 919.515.5132
Wolf Village 919.513.0580
Fountain Dining Hall
Crayton Garrell Manager 919.515.2806
Melony Lopez Administrative Assistant 919.515.3963
Hill of Beans/Creamery
Mary Alexander Supervisor 919.513.4664
Naomi Crain Supervisor 919.513.8304
McKimmon Corner Café
Rosemary Smith Supervisor 919.515.4782
Murphy Center
Robert Sorochak Manager 919.513.7423
On the Oval Culinary Creations
Hannah Erwin Manager 919.395.0479
Port City Java
Mick Burgess Port City Java Manager 919.515.8504
PCJ Terry Center (CVM) 919.513.3226
PCJ EB II 919.513.2420
PCJ Nelson 919.515.0458
PCJ Park Shops 919.515.0238
PCJ Textiles 919.513.0823
Shelia Walton 919.513.2013
Talley Student Union
Kenny Hemmer Director, Talley Dining 919.515.4254
Anthony Brown Manager, Pavilions Dining 919.515.3112
Greg Harvey Manager, One Earth  919.513.1720
Talley Port City Java 919.513.7057
Vet School Café

Events Calendar

A State Holiday - Steak Dinner
Fountain and Clark Dining Halls
Late-Night Breakfast at One Earth
One Earth World Cuisine, Yarbrough Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606, United States
Dinner at the Terrace
Lonnie Poole Golf Course, 1509 Main Campus Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606, United States