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What kinds of positions are available with University Dining?

We have front-of-the-house positions that are customer-service oriented and include catering wait staff, bus staff, cashiers, baristas, retail restaurant staff, dining hall line servers, clerical staff, and convenience store clerks. Other positions include salad prep, dish room attendants, stockroom helpers, and cooks.

How can I be sure that I will not be scheduled for classes when I am scheduled for work?

We offer flexibility in scheduling hours since our dining operations are open continual, long hours. We can schedule students for 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-hour shifts, and on weekends we can offer 10-hour shifts. We plan your work schedule around your class schedule.

What is the pay like?

Our wages are competitive with other food service jobs in the area. We offer a system of pay increases for student employees based upon longevity and work performance. We offer our best wages for weekend hours.

Is there room for advancement in University Dining?

University Dining employees on the job

We offer the opportunity for interested students to advance into student supervisory positions. Work with us and gain the valuable work experience that is so important to future employers.

Working with University Dining

We strive to maintain a pleasant, friendly and safe work atmosphere and make University Dining an enjoyable place to work for our employees. Student employees make up the majority of our work force and are valuable to our efforts to provide the campus with quality food service. Many of our student employees remain with us during their entire college careers, and we are sure you can find it a rewarding experience, too. We want to make employment with us not just a job but a positive part of your university life. We are proud of University Dining and the contribution we make to the university community.

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